Uploading files to Marquardt Printing Ltd.

The following step-by-step instructions will show you how to transfer your files to the Marquardt FTP site:

IMPORTANT: After sending the file(s), please e-mail prepress@mprint.net to ensure that we have received the files and that no problems occured during the file transfer.

  1. Compress your files:
    Files must be in compressed format. You can compress files using WinZip (Windows files) or StuffIt (MacIntosh files). The Helpful Hints page shows more detailed guidelines for submitting files.

  2. File names:
    The name of your compressed file should contain your company name and project name.
    Company: Oasis Marketing
    Project: Spring savings flyer
    Filename: oasis_spring_savings_flyer.zip

  3. Download a FTP client software program:
    Click here
    to download WS_FTP. Install WS_FTP onto your computer.

    Click here for instructions to install and configure WS_FTP

  4. Connect to our FTP server
    Please use the following connection parameters to log in to the Marquardt FTP site:
    • Host Name: www.mprint.net
    • Username: guest.mprint.net
    • Password: contact your local Marquardt representative at prepress@mprint.net for the password.

    NOTE: Usernames and Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE.

    Click here for instructions to connect to the Marquardt FTP site