Installing and Configuring WS_FTP LE

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  1. Download WS_FTP LE.

  2. A window will open asking you to Open or Save the file. Choose Save to save the file to your computer.

  3. Navigate to the folder where you saved the WS_FTP LE program. Double-click the program file
    (named ws_ftple.exe). Follow the instruction wizard which will guide you through the install process.

  4. Once the WS_FTP LE program is installed, click Start > Programs > WS_FTP > WS_FTP95 LE to start the program.

    NOTE: Alternatively, to create a shortcut icon to WS_FTP LE on your desktop, click Start > Programs > WS_FTP > WS_FTP95 LE, and while holding your mouse pointer over the WS_FTP95 LE menu item, right-click and drag it to a free area on your desktop. A small menu will appear — choose Create Shortcut(s) Here. A shortcut icon will appear on your desktop, which you can use to open the program.

  5. Open the WS_FTP LE program. A Session Properties window will appear that looks like this:

    Click the New button to erase all the fields.

  6. Fill in the fields with the following information:

    Note: you can obtain your password by contacting your local Marquardt representative at

  7. Click Apply to save this information and then click OK to connect to the Marquardt web site.

  8. You will see a split screen, displaying two windows – the left window displays the folders and files on your computer, and the right window displays the folders and files on the server.

  9. Look at the top left corner of the left window – you will see a green upward arrow. Use this to navigate to your folder(s) containing the image file(s) you want to upload to the server.

  10. Transfer the files to the Marquardt FTP site by selecting your file(s) in the left window. Then click the arrow pointing right (located in between the two windows). The selected files will be copied to the FTP site and will display in the right window.

  11. You can download files from the FTP server to your computer just as easily – select the files to download from the right window, and click the arrow pointing left to copy the files to your computer.

  12. That’s it!

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